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In May 2009, Fu billion company invited Hong Kong film star Lu Liangwei for the rich image of the spokesperson, but also make the company brand promotion to get a new leap. Looking to the future, Fu billion pipe industry will become China's pipeline industry leader ...

Lu Liangwei signing brokerage firm; influence of the star performing arts brokerage firm
Ancestral Home: Qingping Town, Lianjiang City, Guangdong Province
Region: Hong Kong and Taiwan
Constellation: Capricorn
Language skills: Cantonese, Vietnamese, English, Mandarin, Thai
Family status: father, 1 brother, 1 sister, 2 younger brother, wife Yang Xiaojuan and a son Lu Shanyang
Ex-wife: Zhou Haimei, Cally Kwong
Representative works: "Shanghai beach", "the secret of blood", "violence", "rich"

Lu Liangwei, Hongkong, China Actor. Born in Vietnam in 1956, he moved to Hong Kong with his family. In the early 80s to join TVB as artistes, at first, can only play some humble little supporting role. After TVB starred in his starring Chow Yun-fat TV series "on the beach" in the Ding Li and the night became popular. In 1980, the new tide Tsui Hark works "first type of danger", and later appeared in the Huang Zhiqiang's "playing the ring" (1983). (1989), "The Red Storm" (1990), "Fire Danger" (1991), "The Great Crane", and " He was also a singer, went to the United States, Canada, Britain, France and other countries touring.... 1991 andMcDang XiongCooperation, starring "lame ho", a great success, leading Hongkong film set off a wave of black people legendary film. After the succession of cooperation "years of the Shanghai emperor", "Shanghai emperor dominated the world", "Li Luofuqi case" (1993), "Sino-Russian train robbery" (1995). His other films include Wang Jing's "On the beach gambling saint" (1991), area Ding Ping's "rooftop of the moon" (1993), Xian Qiran's costume history blockbuster "West Chu overlord" (1994) (1998), Lost Forest (1999), Year 2000 (2000), Dauntless (2004), and so on. In recent years, starred in the TV series "Book Sword and Enmity recorded", "Seven Swords under the Tianshan Mountains", "Goldfinger" and so on.

Lv Liangwei 60s of last century from Vietnam to move to Hong Kong, he was from the Vietnamese overseas Chinese poor guy turned a billionaire, through the legend. Lu Liangwei business was once a "moonlight clan." In the "Beach" photographed sixth set, Lv Liangwei on the father said: "You do not have to work, and I can support you!" "The beach" is the success of wage increases and increased pay, The film took a "lame ho", Lv Liangwei's fame is greater, more income. Fame too fast to make him feel that everything is too easy, he bought a 400 square meters of luxury in Hong Kong, a long period of time to make money to support the family of 13 people, in addition to travel, eat and drink, mahjong horse ... ... Money excessive "the word in a very long period of time filled with Lv Liangwei's life.

Until the financial turmoil in 1997, all of the stock, real estate, investment so that Lu Liangwei suddenly lost tens of millions, overnight he from a "millionaire" instantly reduced to a "negative assets" of ordinary people, which Is the biggest blow to his life, but also let him start to change their view of money, "Now I have great respect for money, because I think the money can be on my family, my career has played a very large role, I want money because I want to donate a lot of hope primary school, and now my idea of money, with the previous not the same.

In 2001, Lv Liangwei married Guizhou girl and businesswoman Yang Xiaojuan and actively pursued business. In addition to continuing to speculate in real estate, ambitions were also growing. Both in the Mainland and Taiwan, there were engineering projects. At present, Lv Leung Wai jumped out of the entertainment industry, research and development of multimedia technology, operating in the Mainland, a "touch media" advertising company in the country can be counted as one of the best. It is understood that the company is operating a taxi car advertising system, currently in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen taxi, are equipped with the company's TV advertising screen.

As one of the company's major shareholders, Lu Liangwei in 2003 and the Chinese-American businessmen with the creation of the company, the original investment amount of about 10 million US dollars, 3 years after the beginning of a profit, the current total annual turnover of 200 million yuan, And intends to raise funds. It is reported that a large US company had earlier waved to the Lv Liang Wei, hoping to help his company in the United States listed on NASDAQ, the initial estimated market value at any time up to 2 billion yuan or more.

The screen play more tough roles iron man A Lu, even a woman favor. In the entertainment circle and Zhou Haimei, Kwong Mei-yun had a marriage, as Lv Liang Wei has also passed away and Hong Kong female richest man Gong Ru heart passed fog scandal, and department store daughter Miss Guo Jinen fall in love, and now the wife and family Background, Lv Liangwei accused of relying on a woman developed!

Lu Liangwei first and Cally Kwong, Zhou Haimei development of love, after the "taste mutation", the object is prominent as a wealthy woman and rich woman, including Kwong Mei-yun. After the two broke up, Cally Kwong Big Bang has borrowed 200 million Hong Kong dollars to Lu Liangwei also debt, but was not a woman Lu Liangwei refute the money. He and department store daughter Jin Guo En because of cooperation "four thousand gold" fall in love, but eventually broke up because of personality incompatibility.

In 1999, Lu Liangwei sudden financial difficulties, by the United States Asian banks to recover 370,000 Hong Kong dollars, facing bankruptcy. The same year he high-profile with a wealthy girlfriend Yang Xiaojuan see people. In 2001, they were married son, after his wind and water, escape "by the woman" rumors. Yang Xiaojuan tried to maintain the dignity of her husband: "I have a family background does not mean I will give him money, we financial independence.

In addition there are Hong Kong's first rich woman "Britney" had sent Lu Liangwei money. Nina died in April 2007, and the relationship between the actor in the circle has been re-mentioned, Lv Liangwei also "list", vibe has a huge amount of unknown to Lu Liangwei.

Although Yang Xiaojuan is a woman outside the entertainment circle, but also like fashion and jewelry. In 2001, the two married, the bride Yang Xiaojuan to a set of beaded milk white wedding dress, noble and beautiful, as the costume designed by Benny Yeung wedding, Yang Xiaojuan in Hong Kong Tiffany carefully selected value of hundreds of thousands of pearl diamonds Earrings and necklaces. Yang Xiaojuan's wardrobe is also covered with brand-name dress, one of the white Valentino dress, dotted on the skirt is the 19th century British antique lace. In addition, Yang Xiaojuan also particularly like antique jewelry, some of these jewelry from around the world to Amoy, more in the auction to buy.

Lu Liangwei's son named Lu Shan Yang, 8 years old this year, take the "good things for the gentleman, fame hero" meaning, Lv Liangwei abandon the international school, send his son into the traditional schools, good Yang is studying "Wah Yan Primary School" second grade.

It is said that A Lu couples military education to his son: do not pet do not hold, are not allowed to cry, fall to get up, like an injection are not allowed to cry. In a number of visits, the A Lu is hated hate sons and daughters hate to drool, hoping to chase the woman make up a "good" word.

A Lu also instilled a good concept of good financial management Yang, such as the son of a popular European financial management book "puppy money" to inspire his son's wealth of wisdom.

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