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In May 2009, Fu billion company invited Hong Kong film star Lu Liangwei for the rich image of the spokesperson, but also make the company brand promotion to get a new leap. Looking to the future, Fu billion pipe industry will become China's pipeline industry leader ...

Zhejiang Fuyi Pipe Co.,Ltd is a professional company which researches and produces the PEX-AL-PEX (laser weded andoverlap welded) PP-R、 PERT pipe, new plastic fitting for PEX pipe,brass fitting valves etc. The company is located at the beautiful city which is the Xishi’s hometown. It is in the south Hardware Industry District, and it not only has good view of moutains and rivers, but also the people here are talented. It is situated in the economy developing area of YANGTZE RI-VER DELTA. ZheGan railway and HangJinQu speedway run through all areas, north nearHangzhou, eastnear the famous culture city Shaoxing. It is only 40 kilometers to the XiaoShan International Airport. The speedway connects ShangHai Harbor and NingBoHarbor directly, so the geography position is predominant and thetrafficis convenient. Therefore, it has ideal international and national trading environment

The company has the capability of developing product and designing matrix, we have several product lines ncluding assembly & testing of extrusion pipe. The product has been sold far to more than 30 countries ique, and are also sea-soned in the management. We keep on improving ourselves to enhance our corporaimage by the new tech.


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